Do you desire to learn Spanish, but want something more than the usual Spanish grammar lessons, memorization techniques, and repetition-based teaching systems?   Well, now there is a way to learn Spanish right at the source. Spanish immersion schools are available in many Central and South American countries.

Learning Spanish at the source is fun! It's an experience you'll never forget!

Latin Immersion has several arrangements for preferred Spanish Immersion Schools in Latin America. You can take huge strides towards Spanish fluency, while also learning about the culture and history of the country you are visiting. The chile spanish program is exceptional with two schools: one in Santiago and the other in Viña del Mar.

Current locations where you can travel to study Spanish are Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, or Ecuador. You can choose to study in one location or several locations with learning packages from 1 week to 8 weeks or enen more. You have the options of joining group classes or private lessons.

Once you arrive at your study location, you will feel right at home. The instructors and staff are very friendly and helpful and will make you feel like one of the family. You can take excursions to many popular and historical sites in the surrounding areas where you'll learn about the local people and culture.

If you would like more information about Latin Immersion's Spanish learning courses and school options in Central or South America, contact them today. Be sure to request their free planning guide online.